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The Tiktok channel integration can be added to your Linnworks account from within the 应用程序商店. The setup of the channel integration is the same process as native Linnworks integrations.





  • Enabled: tick to allow communication between Linnworks and the channel. When unticked, no information is sent to or received from the channel.


  • Test: used to confirm the supplied credentials work correctly allowing communication between the channel and Linnworks.



  • Currency: All orders downloaded will display this currency.


  • Despatch Notes: when enabled, Linnworks will send order processed status, tracking number (if available) and selected shipping service to your sales channel once the order is processed. 在这里查看更多.


  • Cancellation Notes: when enabled Linnworks will send order cancellation notes to your sales channel once the order is cancelled. 在这里查看更多.


  • Order Refund: when enabled, refunds can be actioned on the channel when created in Linnworks. Only orders with the status of Shipped can be refunded and the value being refunded must be less than or equal to the amount the customer paid. 在这里查看更多.
  • Use channel tax settings: when enabled Linnworks will use the tax percentage directly from the channel order data when it is downloaded to Linnworks. If the option is not enabled Linnworks will back calculate tax based on the stock item tax or country tax as defined in Linnworks.


  • Order sync date: the date and time when Linnworks last synchronised with the channel.



  • Update 库存: when enabled, Linnworks submits changes in stock levels to the channel. 在这里查看更多.


  • Max Listed: specifies the maximum level of available stock that is submitted to the channel. 在这里查看更多,


  • Stock Percentage: specifies the percentage of available stock that is submitted to the channel. 在这里查看更多.


  • End When: enables to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero. 在这里查看更多.